👨‍🌾 Installed to: Mr. Balu
📍 Place: Bhavani, Tamilnadu, India
🌱 Crop: Sugarcane
🫓Area: 7acres

Mobitech Automatic irrigation system panel

🎛Controller: Mobitech-DCON-VCON
💦No. Of valves: 10
2️⃣Valve sizes: 2” & 3”

Mr. Balu will:
☝️ Control & monitor irrigation system through 📱 mobile phone
☝️ Save water 💧 & electricity ⚡️
☝️ Reduce labour(irrigator) usage
☝️ get 35% more yield by implementing precise irrigation


MS1+ PRO, 4G Seamless agriculture remote controller. Want to know more about it. Click the below the below button

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