Eight months ago, I installed the Mobitech automatic irrigation system on my farm. Since then, managing my fields has become significantly easier and more efficient. This technology has transformed the way I water my crops, allowing me to control the irrigation system directly from my mobile phone.

Simplified Irrigation for Diverse Crops

I have two types of fields: a 3.5-acre plot and a 4.5-acre plot. The 3.5-acre field is home to coconut trees, Cassava[Maravalli Kilangu], and banana trees, while the 4.5-acre field is dedicated solely to Cassava[Maravalli Kilangu] which are irrigated from the water source in the first field.

Before installing the Mobitech system, I had to manually switch the automatic system on and off. Now, all I need to do is tap a few buttons on my phone. I can monitor the water flow rate and pressure in real-time, making it incredibly convenient.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Previously, I spent around 500 rupees a day on labor just to manage the water supply. The Mobitech system has eliminated this expense. I simply switch on the system and it automatically handles everything, including closing the valve when the water reaches the preset level. This automation has solved two major issues: the need for constant manual intervention and the challenge of finding labor to manage the valves.

Improved Water Management

The depth of groundwater in my area has significantly reduced. My bore well only provides water at a depth of 1000 feet. Despite this, the Mobitech system has improved my water yield, even more so than it was ten years ago. The precise control over water flow ensures that there is no waste, and every drop is used efficiently for the crops.

Enhanced Yield and Sustainability

This year, the yield from my fields has been remarkable, surpassing the yield from ten years ago. The improved water management has played a crucial role in this success. With Mobitech, I have been able to avoid water waste and ensure that my crops receive the optimal amount of water they need.

Support from Mobitech

The support from Mobitech has been outstanding. They have provided excellent assistance throughout the installation and operation of the system. Their solutions are a blessing for farmers, helping us tackle water scarcity and enhance productivity.


The Mobitech automatic irrigation system has brought a revolutionary change to my farming practices. It is a highly useful tool that has simplified water management, reduced labor costs, and improved crop yields. I highly recommend it to fellow farmers as a transformative solution for efficient and sustainable farming.

For me, Mobitech has not just been an irrigation system, but a game-changer in my agricultural journey.

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