What is Smart farming?

“Smart farming” is a new idea that refers to farm management using modern information and communication technology like drones, IoT, robots, and AI to improve the quality and quantity of products while reducing the amount of human labour necessary for production. Farmers use an army of tools to monitor field conditions and make critical decisions for the entire farm or a single crop without ever setting foot in the field. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the driving force behind intelligent farming. It links machines and sensors installed on farms to automate farming activities and make them data-driven.

How to Achieve Precise Irrigation?

Precision irrigation is a one-of-a-kind sustainable agriculture strategy that delivers water and nutrients to the plant at the correct time and location, in precisely calculated dosages, to offer ideal growing conditions. Precision irrigation benefits everyone, from plants to the earth. Water is a costly natural resource. When farmers find it more challenging to get water for field irrigation, it doesn’t make sense to continue with traditional irrigation systems that wet the earth around the plant without benefitting the crop grown. Water must be sent directly to the plant’s root, so it’s used only to nurture the plant.

Save More on Water and Electricity

We can help you save up to 35% on water and 15% on electricity. Farmers face drought, salination, evaporation, groundwater depletion, and difficulty accessing water sources. Precise irrigation assists you in addressing these issues by modifying how you use water. As a result, produce greater and better harvests while using less water. Precision irrigation can significantly boost the economic return on farm produce while lowering power use. Water and power savings are related. When you save water, you save electricity and the money that would have been spent on that water and electricity. This partnership primarily helps you as a farmer. We know that, among other things, you want to keep costs as low as possible.

About Mobitech Wireless Solution and How We Help the Farmers

Mobitech wireless solution private limited uses cutting-edge infrastructure to benefit farmers and all humanity. Established in 2008, we offer sustainable productivity and innovative irrigation solutions. We provide a wide range of services to farmers in southern India, including digital farming solutions, greenhouses, and micro and community irrigation. In addition, we give IoT-based services like sensor-based and weather-based agriculture. We are headquartered in Perundurai, Erode District of Tamilnadu, India (Pincode: 638 052), and have branches in Pollachi, Theni, Thirunelveli, Bangalore, and Maharashtra. We employ over 85 skilled individuals and have provided detailed agronomic designs, after-sales support, and agricultural extension services to make farmers profitable.

What is the Return on Investment?

One of the most common issues we hear from farmers when discussing precision technology purchases is cost and ROI. Precision agricultural technologies provide significantly more value than they cost. It saves you labour costs. If you can save Rs. 10,000 ($125USD) on labour per month, your savings can mount up to four to five lakhs Rupees ($3500 – $5000USD) within three to four years. Mobitech Wireless Solution Private Limited provides several alternatives that do not require a sizeable out-of-pocket investment. Investing in agriculture’s future means investing in the future of your farm. Think of it as a strategy to keep your business healthy and growing in an everchanging world. Precision farming provides the power you need to reduce variable input costs and become a more efficient enterprise.

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