Meet Arvind Kumar, a retired LNT veteran with 33 years of service under his belt. After dedicating his professional life to managing toll booths in Pabai, Bombay, Arvind decided to trade the hustle and bustle for a more serene life on his farm. Little did he know that his newfound passion for gardening would lead him to a revolutionary solution to his persistent water scarcity issues.

The Water Woes

Before Arvind implemented Mobitech’s wireless solution, his farm faced significant water scarcity challenges. water availability was intermittent, causing disruptions every 10-15 minutes. Compounding the issue, people on the property would often forget to switch off the motors, leading to frequent breakdowns and exacerbating the water scarcity problem.

Enter Mobitech Wireless Solution: A Game-Changer

Arvind’s life took a positive turn when he opted for Mobitech’s wireless solution to address his water-related challenges. This innovative solution brought about automatic switching on and off of motors, ensuring they didn’t conk off frequently. With an 80,000-liter storage tank on his property, Arvind was now able to store water efficiently, resolving the persistent scarcity issue.

Automatic Efficiency and Peace of Mind

The Mobitech wireless solution provided Arvind with a seamless way to manage water resources. The automatic switching on and off of motors, facilitated by a cyclic timer, allowed the tank to fill without any human intervention. This was a game-changer for Arvind, especially during times when electricity wasn’t available 24/7. The cyclic timer ensured that the pump operated during predetermined intervals, efficiently filling the tank without any manual effort.

Resolving Water Woes with Automation

The Mobitech wireless solution not only resolved Arvind’s motor issues but also transformed his water management system. The cyclic timer, coupled with automatic motor control, meant that Arvind’s water problems became a thing of the past. The 80,000-liter storage tank was consistently filled without requiring constant oversight, providing him with peace of mind and allowing him to focus on his passion for gardening.


Arvind Kumar’s story highlights the transformative power of technology in addressing real-life challenges. Mobitech’s wireless solution not only resolved his water scarcity issues but also brought efficiency and automation to his farm. This success story stands as a testament to the positive impact that innovative solutions can have on individuals’ lives, ensuring a more sustainable and hassle-free future.

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