#farmersofindia are marching towards #precisionagriculture

Due to labour 👨 shortage, #water 💦 scarcity and frequent #power ⚡️ outage results in poor 😞 yield

Mobitech Wireless Solution Private Limited’s latest #iot based #irrigationautomation products helps #farmers to #irrigate precisely 😊

These pictures 📸 are captured by our Technical #engineers today after successful commissioning at #pollachi

Crop area is 40acres and #farmer has planted #coconut #tree 🌴

We do such installation all over #india

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Kudos to GUNASEELAN T.P JEEVANANTHAM MOBITECH MOHAN SATHISH Dhanasekaran Palanisamy and all other Engineers of Mobitech Wireless Solution Private Limited

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2 thoughts on “Irrigation Automation for 40 acres coconut farm

  • IoT-based irrigation frameworks assist ranchers with further developing yield development with the utilization of different regulators and sensors and to keep away from the wastage of water assets. The automated irrigation frameworks likewise decide the dirt dampness level and ideal water use for irrigation purposes. Likewise, the reception of cutting-edge innovations has upgraded natural cultivating farmers, which are expected to make a sharp market for the players.

    Geographically, the global automated irrigation market has been separated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America represented the biggest market share in 2020. Europe was the second-biggest market in 2020.

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