#Mobitechwireless has deployed #irrigation automation for #cardamom at #idukki ( The #spice #garden of #kerala )

Mr. Velusamy owns 2.3acres of farm. He is cultivating cardamom.

He was having manual #motorstarter and #dripirrigation system. One of his labour use to switch on the motor and manual gate valves to #irrigate his #farm

He planned to install #mobitech make #dripirrigationautomation system

On 27.12.2019 we installed
1. #mobitech make #dcon irrigation automation controller and
2. #rainbird make #solenoidvalves

Through this system Mr. Velusamy making #preciseirrigation by setting 30 mins of watering time to each plot. We are happy in serving him and nation by saving water and electricity.

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One thought on “Irrigation automation for 2.3acres of cardamom farm

  • Thanks for the information, Really useful to know about all these Automation in agriculture in a single place. Also shared with my colleagues.

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