👨‍🌾Farmer: Mr. Arun
📍Place: Pudhukottai, Tamilnadu
Area: 8 acres
No. Of valves: 9
Crop: Horticulture
Valve size: 2”
Controller: Mobitech-DCON-ACN10
Date: 09.11.2020
irrigation automation
Through “Irrigation Automation” Mr. Arun will achieve 100% precise irrigation. Mr. Arun is facing problems like
1️⃣ Water 💦 scarcity
2️⃣ Three phase available during night time⚡️
3️⃣ Non availability of labour 👱🏽‍♂️
Mobitech irrigation automation
How Mobitech’s “Automatic Irrigation System” will help Mr. Arun to overcome these issues?
😄1️⃣ Mr. Arun will check voltage and current ⚡️parameters in mobile application.
😄2️⃣ He set the “Irrigation schedule” through mobile application.
😃3️⃣ Automatically Mobitech’s system switches on/off pumpset and solenoid valves.

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