Farmer: Mr. Ramasamy
Place: Sivagiri
District: Erode, Tamilnadu
Area: 3.5 acres
Crop: Sugarcane
No. Of Valves: 5
Valve size: 2”
Controller: Mobitech-MS1PLUS-DCON-ACN5
Pumpset capacity: 5hp
Date: 24.08.2020

Mobile based irrigation system

How this system works?
1. Manual valve has been replaced with BACCARA 2” solenoid valve
2. Installed controller near existing pumpset starter
3. Inserted a new GSM SIM card
4. Download and install DCON application from play store and App Store of android and apple respectively
5. Start programming of irrigation through application

What are benefits?
1. Automatically controller starts irrigation at defined time by user
2. No holiday for irrigation
3. Protects pumpset from dry run and overload
4. No need of irrigator

Baccara Mobitech irrigation automation system

1. Farmer can achieve 100% precise irrigation
2. Exact volume of water will reach each crop
3. 35% yield will increase

What are the scope of Mobitech in this project?
1. We did drip irrigation system(Design of complete hydraulics design) and
2. Implemented simple irrigation automation system

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