👨🏻‍💼Client: Mr. Shankar
📍Place: #Pannimadai, #Coimbatore
Area: 20acres
🌴#Crops & #Trees: #banana 🍌 #coconut 🥥 #tapioca
📅 Date: 05.12.2020

❓What is fertigation?

Fertilizer + Irrigation = Fertigation

*Passing each and every drop of 💧 water to the crop or tree along with required fertiliser🧪 without drop in line pressure*

❓How to achieve this?

With help of Mobitech’s #Fertiauto #automation system it can be achieved with 💯 % accuracy.

❓What are all irrigation automation products installed?

1️⃣ Fertigation bench
2️⃣ Automation controllers
3️⃣ Wireless soil moisture and temperature sensor
4️⃣ Wireless water 💧 level system
5️⃣ Water flow meter

❓ How Mr. Shankar is managing it?

Through #phone📱or #computer 🖥 he access the farm controller using 🌏 #iot technology.

By sitting in his office he use to #monitor

1. Level of water 💦 in reservoir
2. Strength and quality of electricity ⚡️
3. Level of #soil #moisture and #temperature🌡
4. Amount of fertiliser feed

❓ What will be the outcome?

1️⃣ Increases the yield 💰
2️⃣ Reduces fertiliser 🧪 and water 💧 usage
3️⃣ Precise irrigation is possible
4️⃣ Eliminate water man 💦 👨
5️⃣ No holiday for controller, it works 24 x 7 🔂

❓How this system works?

An IoT #hybrid controller is fixed in control room, it’s equipped with GSM network. It collects all the data and push to Mr. Shankar mobile phone.

Based on information received Mr. Shankar program fertigation and irrigation schedule.. that’s it! Rest will be take care by controller.

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