Mobitech Wireless solution has installed #dripirrigation automation system to Mr. Palanisamy on 2nd Jan 2020
irrigation automation by Mobitech
By installing of this system:
🥭 Mr. Palanisamy achieved #preciseirrigation
🥭 🌴 Each and every #Mango #sapling and #coconut #tree receiving exact quantity of #water daily
🥭 🌴 He is saving precious #water #time and #electricity
💡 Protecting pump-set from dry run, over load and imbalance.
Drip irrigation automation by Mobitech

2 thoughts on “Automatic irrigation system for mango and coconut farm

  • Hi
    How much does it cost to setup this for 1 acre of land.
    How long will it take for setup.

    • Hi sridhar, you can contact our (+91 994343 0000) sales team for price details. Orelse, drop your information into this chat ( ) they will respond you

      Thank you,

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