Project done for
Fr. Nallasamy, Dharapuram, Tamilnadu
Date: 28.08.2020
Area: 10 acres
No. Of valves & size: 26 & 2”
Automatic irrigation system by Mobitech
What is automatic irrigation by Mobitech?
Feeding of water automatically to coconut palms at designated time by Mobitech DCON controller.

How Fr. Nallasamy is going to use this system effectively?
He has installed “AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM” to 10 acres of his coconut farm. He is going to plant coconut palm sapling. From Day 1 of plantation controller will feed each tree.
Irrigation automation system by Mobitech
What are advantages?
1. Controller feeds exact quantity of water to each sapling
2. It protects pumpset from dry run and over load
3. It helps to save water by avoiding over feeding. It results to reduce Electricity usage
4. It will helps to yield by 35%
5. No need irrigator
6. No holiday for controller
Mobitech irrigation automation
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