Mobitech Wireless Solution has installed this automation setup..

How it works?
IRRIAUTO controller🎛 automatically dispense 135litres of water 💦 everyday.

Will it 🛑 stop irrigation if it 🌧 rains?
Yes! It stops automatically.

What are advantages?
1. Reduce 👨 man power
2. Increase yield 💵
3. Protect pumpset from failure(dry run and overload)

Save 💧 water! Save electricity ⚡️

2 thoughts on “30acres of coconut farm getting irrigated through mobitech irriauto

  • Dear Sir / Madam
    I am Noordeen, from Ramnad District. I have a coconut farm around 2.5 acer. Almost around 156 coconut tree, 25 chikoo tree & 10 Guava tree. The farm is running in 3hp motor 3phase. The well water supplies one hour and after that an hour it supplies for another one hour. So on an average the water supply is for 10 to 12 hours per day. The soil is sandy soil and observes lot of water. Once irrigated with water its dry up quickly. Also our area is dry and the rain was less last few years.

    So i would like you to suggest a alternative system, which includes drip irrigation and automated system.

    I have another empty land around 5acre, where i am planing to start up fruit trees (Mango, Chikko and Figs. Also planing for a country chicken farm. I have a well in this land.

    Awaiting for your earlier response with a good & cost effective solution.

    Thanking You

    • Dear Sir
      Fine. We will install automatic controllers and have three frequency of feeding, it leads to more intake of water by roots. Please ring us at +91 98427 31759 or Whatsapp us by click this link

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