👉Mobitech wireless solution has successfully rolled out LoRA based wireless 📡 irrigation automation system.
wireless irrigation automation
It has installed in🥭 mango orchard 🌱 of Mr. Muthu Kumar, Thingalur, Erode District, Tamilnadu on 14th May 2021.

📳 How it works?(Refer attached gif)

1️⃣ Install “Irriauto” app in android or iPhone 📲

2️⃣ Mr. Muthu Kumar send command to Controller through irriauto app, it passes through GSM 📶 network to controller.

3️⃣ & 4️⃣ Controller transmit data through LoRA(wireless) network to solenoid valves.

5️⃣ VCON LoRA switches on and off solenoid valves and feed water 💦
LoRA based wireless irrigation automation
📣 Features

1️⃣ Mr. Muthu Kumar monitor ⚡️ electricity, pump-set, solenoid valves and drip 💧 line pressure through irriauto app.

2️⃣ Cyclic timer ⏱: Mango saplings need six litres of water per day, he program accordingly.

3️⃣ Protection 🧿: Mobitech controller protects entire system(dry run, over load, electricity fluctuation, solenoid valve problem and pressure variation) using artificial intelligence 🤖
automatic irrigation system

1️⃣ LoRA helps Mr. Muthu Kumar to expand solenoid valves in future without any hurdle.(No need to change controller 💰 )

2️⃣ No need to run wire between controller and solenoid valve.

3️⃣ No need to deploy an individual man 👨 power to irrigate.

4️⃣ It works in solar ⛅️ energy 🔋

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