On 30.01.2021 Mobitech has successfully commissioned and handed over single injector fertigation automation system to Mr. Arun, Thungavi, Udumalpet, Tamilnadu

Fertigation bench: Single injector 600lph
Controller: Mobitech-DCON-ACN10
No. Of valves and size: 5 and 3”
Date: 30.01.2021

1. From day 1 of plantation , each and every drop of water reaches plant with fertilizer
2. Avoid wastage of fertilizer
3. Reduce fertilizer usage
4. Increase yield

1. Control and monitor fertigation and irrigation through Mobitech mobile phone application 📱
2. Schedule fertigation and irrigation through various timers ⏱
3. Protect water line 💦 burst from high pressure, using pressure relieve valve

To know more ping us at +91 98427 31759 or +91 90470 31759

URL: www.mobitechwireless.in

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