#volume based #irrigation #automation for #areca #crop

Ponaalammanthurai is a small #village in #Pollachi #Tamilnadu

#farmers here are growing #arecatree in many acres of land.

On 20.12.2019 We installed and commissioned #dripirrigation #automation system for 11.5acres of farm.

💧 It’s volume based system
💧 Each sapling will get 20litres of #water everyday
💧 Completely automated system, there is no manual intervention.

💦 No holiday for controller
💦 Uniform irrigation
💦 Protection of #pumpset from #electricity fluctuation


MS1+ PRO, 4G Seamless agriculture remote controller. Want to know more about it. Click the below the below button

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2 thoughts on “Drip irrigation automation for Areca

  • This system helps farmer to irrigate areca farm automatically. Through this precise irrigation will be achieved.

    • Thanks for your valuable comments sir. As you said, it is very useful to achieve precise irrigation.

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