1️⃣What is precise irrigation?
Applying of right amount of water at right time to trees/crops.
Coconut farm irrigation automation controller
2️⃣How it’s possible?
By installing
1. Drip irrigation system 💧
2. Mobitech’s DCON ACN hybrid controllers 🖲and
3. Electric solenoid valves🤿
Mobitech electric solenoid valve
3️⃣How Mr. Surendhar is achieving precise irrigation?
On 10.10.2020 he installed automation systems and electric solenoid valves. Based on drip irrigation lateral, pipe size and pumpset capacity he set the frequency of irrigation to each valve.
Irrigation automation
4️⃣Is it automatic?
🧊Yes! It’s fully automatic. It dispense 120 to 160 litres of water to each tree for every 24 hours.

5️⃣Is it reliable?
Yes! It’s reliable. Our system have good intelligence. It act smartly when:
1. There is erratic ⚡️ electricity
2. There is low volume of water 💦 in well/tank

To know more about precise irrigation
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