Grapa-pH auto

Mobile controlled fully automatic Single Injector Fertigation System.It suits to fully automatic irrigation system with default field valve control system. Single to multiple tank connectivity.Comes with 1000 LPH 1 fertilizer injector and 250 LPH dedicated injector for pH control.

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Real time field

How it will works?


Minimum of 1 injector and maximum of 5 injectors

Capable to deliver 200 lph to 1000 lph

Acrylic flow indicators for individual venturi injectors

Independent flow control knob for injectors

Aluminium heavy duty frame and fixture with auto leveling on the ground

Solution to sense the pH value and corrects automatically

Dry run protection and phase failure protection for the booster pump


We offer multiple fertilizer injector systems which suits to your requirement even for the smallest farm size. We understand the poor availability of power which is major hurdle in attaining precision in fertilizer application. The solutions developed can offer you a choice of giving high volume of single fertilizers at the same time slit volumes of multiple fertilizers at the same time. The systems are easy to handle and even available in your own regional language.Less hardware, graphic interface with touch screen makes us unique.

Mobile controlled fully automatic Single Injector Fertigation System

It suits to fully automatic irrigation system with default field valve control system. Single to multiple tank connectivity. Comes with 1000 LPH 1 fertilizer injector and 250 LPH dedicated injector for pH control.

Graphical Interface

Mobile application comes with iconic interface which makes it easy to operate.

Field valve control

Starts from 5 field valves output & expandable upto 1000 valves per controller.

Bulk and Spread Fertigation

Sequential fertigation in bulk mode & spread mode is enabled.

Long lasting & durable

Heavy duty system with minimal & easy maintainance.

This fully automatic fertigation system is the smart choice for grape, pomegranate, banana, coconut and other field crop fertigation. In the open field sequential fertigation is generally practiced. With grapa pH auto one can plan application of multiple group of fertilizers in sequential method. The fertilizers can be applied in bulk or spread manner by smart phone from anywhere.

It can operate upto 25 fertilizer tanks sequentially with dedicated pH correction system. The mobile based multiple user operation interface makes it more comfortable and easy,

Precise and smart fertigation choice for farmer

  • Precise injection of fertilizers with every drop of irrigation water.
  • It enables grower to give optimum nutrient with variable injection rate from 100 LPH tp 1000 LPH.

Automatic pH adjustment with dedicated injector

  • Maintainance of pH of fertigation improves fertilizer use efficiency and uptake.
  • Equipped with automatic pH adjustment facility which improves quality of fertigation.

Easy upgradable to completely automatic fertigation system

  • Inject Pro Grapa pH can be easily upgraded to fully automatic system by plug and play add-on installation which avoid replacement of complete system.

Key Features

  • Adjustable injection rate from 100 LPH to 1000 LPH.
  • Dedicated acid injector for pH control.
  • Life time warranty for fittings.
  • Ungradable to fully automatic system.
  • Operates in low voltage range.
  • Easy to install,operate and maintain.
Model Grapa-pH auto
Input Voltage 180v-280v(1 Phase)& 350v-450v(3 Phase)
Network Support Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900-All mobile operations
Connectors Plug-n-Play connectors
Wiring kit Inbuilt
Enclosure IP65
Antenna High gain External Antenna(3m)
Sector’s approximate flow 5-25 m^3/hr
Operating Pressure 0.7 to 4.0 bar
Dimension 65cm X 75cm X 90cm
No. of Injection lines 4
Flow meter 0-400 LPH
Electrical Valve 24V AC
PVC collector Ø40
Max line injection flow 400 LPH to 700 LPH
Auxillary pump (50 HZ)2.0 kw 230/430V-1.5 hp
Auxillary pump start Yes