In this blog, we are gonna see the “problems faced by farmers during summer times ,and also we give you the tips to resolve this problems.” and how to maintain the electric motors, drip irrigation system and filters which are in our field. In this season you may face problems like motor ON/OFF problems, electricity problems, starter complaint and salt formation in drip pipes. Okay, let’s get into one by one

First thing we look into the electricity, because in the season we recurrently notify the fungal formation in the jumper. Before starting this season you must hire a electician, and rearrange the lines. If wirelines are in a weak ciondition. how we can able to know? you feel a heat in the wirelines. If it happens your amps are in hgh mode and the size of the fusecarrier is in low. So you need to select the fusecarrier depending upon the requirements.

If those issues are solved, your motor recieves proper voltage and motor will intake proper current  and you will not face any issues we mentioned in above.

Next for two phase, you need to check the condensor, capacitors. because in summer water is important for all crops. In case any issue in condensor or motor or wirelines melt. These types of compalints may delay in irrigating the field for one or two days.

Check whether the  electric lines to the motor orelse any problems or frequently heat occurs in the wires. if the wires are in open condition  please insert a PVC tube. and also check the starter is in proper condition, and keep on rat-caused damages happen.


Next major thing is to maintain drip system, most of the farm persons don’t maintain the drip pipes, and they suffer while during irrigating period.

you need the check the drip pipes and its junction regularly, whether any leakage or damages occurs in the pipes.


If the filters are not used for 2months, it has been sedimented. you need to clean the filters,and the check the elbows of the filters.

If you maintain these things properly in your farm you will not face any problems during summer season.


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