Farm Details

  • Name of farmer: Thilagavathi
  • Place: Arachalur
  • District: Erode
  • Area in acre: 8
  • No. of valves installed:10
  • Crop: Coconut

Farm Overview

The project was installed in Erode district in Tamilnadu, India, Mrs.Thilagavathi  is multi bagger business man, he was very successful in all his businesses, but he didn’t concentrate on his farmland and manage properly. In Pandemic time Mrs.Thilagavathi‘s bought lot more debt for his  Business, after that he faces a lot trouble to overcome  financially stable. At that point he turn towards IoT based Agriculture, But he don’t even know where to enquire and how to operate.  At the time Mrs.Thilagavathi  seen our company on social media and contact our sales team.

Our experts gave a better ideas to their field and implemented with our installation team. Now our client is satisfied and also he suggesting more farmers to get into this system

Irrigation automation is only way to cultivate the crops independently, without the help of humans, labour shortage plays a major role in future, So it is the right time to enter into the irrigation automation technology

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