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Welcome, My name is Palaniappan. I have been grown up in Chennai, But we’re doing farming in virudhunagar district, Manaviyendhal village in Kariapatti Taluk. which is far near to Madurai district. Let me explain what we are doing in our farm, We have installed Mobitech’s automatic IoT based drip irrgation controller in our farm. Main thing is we have to be there to irrigate the plants. The IoT devices will automatically feed water to all the plants with the help of Mobitech’s autonomous irrigating devices.

One person enough for an entire field to complete an fulfilled irrigation to the plants. We are doing in 5 acres of farming, In that we have managing various livestocks such as., Poultry,Cow, Goat etc.,

Now we are doing Ground nut cultivation in our farm. Only one person is enough to managing the entire farm activities via automation system.

Im a Ex-NRI, When Im a NRI i haved placed this order. Now im resigned my job for doing farming practices in my native. At the time, i have do other works, My supervisor will take care of all farming activities. Except automation, It will handled by me. I will teach little little to them . How to use this application.

I have know about Mr.Raja over 15 years, Through the youtube videos. We have seen all the updates from mobitech upto date.

I have much more interested in Internet of things. That’s why installed Automatic IoT devices in my farm. I dont have to be there. Because, area is fully covered up with CCTV camera. I can see my farm anywhere in the world. Its not neccessary to there. Everthing will be automation. For this farm, we have installed 9 valves. In that we can track the valves and irrigation data at the time of water flowing.. and also we can see the tank capacity. Monitor the Power ON/OFF status. Using this we can irrigate precisely. Using Precise irrigation, We can set the amount of water to be irrigate in the specific field . Mobitech has doing lot of services, in this we have installed only basic services, This basic setup itself satisfies me.We first contacted Mr.dhanasekaran sir, Behalf of Mr.dhanasekaran. Mr. Jeevanantham camed. He explained very well about his services. After that, They installed IoT based drip controller. Im very much satisfied with this installation. From their side, Frequently called me and after whether everything is going fine or not. They gave a wonderful service in before installation also.. They are mainly focusing what the customer wants.. They are moving to the next level. I asked to them , can i go for hitech farming , precision agriculture or advanced farming. They said to me ” You first installed this afterwards you will know what you want” When you starting dont go with higher end model.. When you Okay with this. You can go0 with water sensor and weather sensor. and after that we can move to precison farming.

First, we learn about this technology. After that, we can implement them one by one. When i was a discussion with dhanasekaran sir, He gave me a good ideas for farming in autonomous irrigation. This technology is like friendly user, and also their application is friendly.. When i open this application, I thought this would be easy for anyone else.. We’re doing organic farming . In this we have poured organic manures, Panchakavya, Like that. From IoT solutions easily you can do the farming. In this 20km surrounding no one done like this,. We need to teach like those farmers, who are not aware of this kind of this technology.


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