Time & Flow based Irrigation

Time & Flow based Irrigation controller is capable of handling both wired and wireless solenoid valves.It can be fixed with all types of irrigation pump sets.It is suitable for new and existing drip irrigation system.

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Real time field

Irrigation Automation System

An automation of irrigation systems has several positive effects. Once installed, the water distribution on fields or small-scale gardens is easier and does not have to be permanently controlled by an operator.


Time based automation

Timers are an integral part of an automated irrigation system. A timer is an essential tool to apply water in the necessary quantity at the right time.


Volume based automation

The pre-set amount of water can be applied in the field segments by using automatic volume controlled metering valves.


Sensor based automation

In this System, the operator develops a general control strategy. Once the general strategy is defined, the control system takes over and makes detailed decisions on when to apply water and how much water to apply. This type of system requires feedback from one or more sensors.

Once a watering schedule is set,the farm is watered automatically and update you through smart phone

A consistent watering schedule results in high yield and cost efficient

Water only where, when and how long you set, helping reduce water waste

It receives data from main control unit and activates the irrigation valves.

It acts as bridge (transmit and receive) between MCON (Main Control Unit) and field remote terminal units.

It collects water level data and send to MCON (Main Control Unit).

It collects the data (water flow, pressure, temperature and soil moisture) and transmit to MCON (Main Control Unit) through wireless.

can connect upto 5 valves and there is no stack point.

We can connect 10 valves & if needed valves are added to the same device.

We can connect 20 valves to the solar panel and it is used as a Wireless node.

We can connect 30 valves to the solar panel and it is used as a Wireless node.

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Flow Meter

Moisture Sensor

Pressure Sensor

Rain Sensor

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Cyclic timer

Flow based cyclic timer

Real time based with day

Dry run delay timer

Sensor based timer

Back wash timer

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Motor report

Flow report

Today valve log

Valve log

Timer log

Node status

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Alert Settings

SMS Alert

Log Alert

Star-Delta Timer

Phase Sensing


User Settings

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Dry run


Pipeline burst due to high pressure

Phase fail –

Phase imbalance

Low voltage