farm overview

🤵🏻Customer Name. – Mrs.Pavithra Chandrasekar
Site Location – Pollachi(Gomangalam Pudur)
📼Controller Type. – MIC and VMIC
📲Valve controller. – Wired
🗞No of valves – 05V
🚰Valve size. – 2inch
🚰Valve Brand. – Baccara
🗾No of Acers. – 05acers
🌴Crops. – Coconut And Bannana
Hp details – 5HP
Stater details. – BCH

Installation images

fig: field at the time of installation


the project was installed in pollachi gomangalam pudur, we successfully installed it. they cultivating coconut and banana in the farm, we have wired automation in their field. totally, we installed 5 number of 2″ valves in the farm.

the controller type is MIC and VMIC

irrigation automation is only way to cultivate the crops independently, without the help of humans, labour shortage plays a major role in future

if any queries related irrigation automation, you can contact us through +91 994343 0000

fig: after installation(STARTER IMAGES)

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