Wired & Wireless Irrigation Automation

Wired Irrigation Automation System

Wireless Irrigation Automation System

5 Reasons Why

Mobitech is the biggest innovation in irrigation and automation since 2010

All in one

Mobitech is the first irrigation and fertigation management system to integrate real-time6 monitoring, smart analysis & control-in one closed loop, mobile platform

Dynamic Irriauto

Mobitech integrates dynamic irriauto that follows your crop stages and gives real-time irrigation and fertigation recommendations

User-Friendly Interface

Mobitech interface was developed with real farmers in mind. It is designed to be simple, friendly and cover all bases.

Cloud Technology

Cloud-based software enables remote support and upgrade SW and remote access, support and updates.

Smart irrigation for Everyone

From corporate farms to small holders, mobitech has a solution to fit the needs, butget and skills of all farmers. It is also modular so you can upgrade as you grow.


It provides information such as irrigation alert, sensor data and reports. It,s available in mobile devices and desktop browsers.

Irrigation and Fertigation control

Users can create irrigation and fertigation programs. Meanwhile, users can choose irrigation method (time and volume), program triggers(time or sensor) a multiple options for fertigation management.

Monitoring and analysis

Monitor and analyse field data,s like water level, moisture level, pH level and pressure level everywhere.

MCON Main Conrol Unit

It controls directly valves, pumps and filters. It collects field data. MCON communicates with all remote field devices and with the cloud server


Input Voltage: 190-460V AC
Fuse rating: 250mA

Default CT coil: 30A
External CT coil range: upto 500A

Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Antenna: External

Benefits and Features

  • Suitable for all farm size.
  • Controls single and multiple pumps.
  • Collect data from sensors like flow, pressure, temperature and soil moisture.
  • Enables automatic backwash valves to maintain even pressure.
  • Suitable for agriculture and horticulture crops.
  • It controls and manages all components of irrigation room, upto the field.
  • FOTA (Firmware over the air) enabled.
  • User – friendly interface(Mobile or browser interface).

DCON wired valve controller

It receives data from main control unit and activates the irrigation valves. It communicates through wired mode. It controls maximum 999 valves simultaneously.


It controls 5 irrigation solenoid valves.


It controls 10 irrigation solenoid valves.

It is scalable up to 30 irrigation solenoid valves.

Benefits and Features

  • It is easy to install
  • Economically feasible and cost-effective
  • Ideal for small open fields
  • Valve feedback sensing


Input voltage: 230V AC
Current consumption: 500mA
Output: 24V AC
Fuse Production

GCON Gateway Controller

It acts as bridge(transmit and receive) between MCON (main control unit) and field remote terminal units.

Benefits and Features

  • It helps to transmit command from main controller to field remote terminal units.
  • Serves mainly for the external data input (flow, pressure and temperature) into the system.
  • It has wireless range up to 5kms.


Node type:DC
Input voltage rating:8-18V DC
Comminication type: Single channel gateway
Communication interface: LoRa/CAN
Antenna: External

VCON Valve Control Unit

It receives data from main control unit and activates the irrigation valves

Benefits and Features

  • It has in-built valve on/off sense.
  • Automatically switches off while error occurs.
  • In-built battery charge control and low battery preventer.


Node type: DC
Number of valves can be controlled: 2
Latch coil rating: 9V DC
Battery backup: 48 hours
Communication interface: LoRa
Battery rating: 3.7V
Solar panel rating: 6V/5W

SCON sensor control unit

It collects the data (water flow, pressure, temperature and soil moisture) and transmit to MCON(main control unit)through wireless.

SCON FP-L Flow & Pressure

It integrates with a flow meter and pressure sensor. It sends the data to MCON(main control unit)

Benefits and Features

  • Collects water flow meter data & pressure sensor date and transmit the same to MCON.
  • Low energy consumption for long time intensive working.


Node type: AC
Number of the pressure sensor can be connected: 2
Number of flow meters can be connected: 2
Communication interface: LoRa
Input Voltage: 230V AC
Pressure sensor input rating:12V DC
Pressure sensor interface type: 4-20mA
Flow meter input power rating:230V AC
Flow meter interface type: Rs232

SCON MT-L Moisture & Temperature

It helps to collect soil moisture, atmospheric temperature and soli temperature collected data will be transmitted to MCON (main control unit)

Benefits and Features

  • It has inbuilt battery charge control and a low battery preventer.
  • Easy to install.


Node type: DC
High precision soil moisture sensor: 3
Atmospheric temperature sensor: 1
Soil temperature sensor: 1
Solar panel rating: 6V/5W
Battery rating: 3.7V
Battery backup:48 hours
Communication interface: LoRa


SCON-EC-pH-L collects EC and pH value. Collected data will be send to MCON (Main Control Unit)

Benefits and Features

  • Electrical conductivity and pH value will be monitored continuously and push data to MCON (Main Control Unit)


Node Types: AC
Input voltage rating: 230V AC
Total no. of pH meter: 1
pH mater input rating: 230V AC
pH meter interface type:4-20 mA
Total No. of EC meter: 1
EC meter Input rating:230V AC
Communication interface: LoRa

LCON-L water level

It collects water level data and send to MCON (Main Control Unit)

Benefits and Features

  • It helps to know the exact level of water in tank/sump/well
  • It shows the real time data of water level


Node type: DC
Input voltage rating: 8-18V DC
Total number of linear level sensor: 1
Sensor type: pressure
Linear level sensor input rating: 8-18V DC, 2A
Linear level sensor interface type: RS485
Communication interface: LoRa