pH Management System

DOSAN is an intelligent pH adjustment system which proves outstanding in reducing the pH of alkaline or hard water. The system is designed to operate online with irrigation system. It measures pH of the irrigation water every second and injects an acid to maintain it under the set pH range. Its observed that acidic irrigation and fertigation solution when feed to the plants nutrient uptake of nutrients especially Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron and essential micro nutrients increased drastically. We do not recommend specific acid for controlling pH and its advise consult an agronomist. Handling of corrosive acid is dangerous and immense care is to be taken at the field.

Automatic pH Control

High quality pH sensor maintains accurate acid injection rate.

Increases Fertilizer Use Efficiency

Acidic irrigation water pH increases availability and uptake of nutrients especially, P, Mg, Fe and micronutrients.

Avoids Clogging of Drippers

Acidic irrigation water reduces the clogging of drippers which ensures uniform distribution of water.

Easy to Install & Operate

Extremely easy to install and operate, maintenance free system.