Mobitech has developed a technological solution that makes growing crops fully autonomous from irrigation and fertilization aspects.The system is fully capable of deciding when and how much to irrigate, and it executes the irrigation decision without human intervention.Monitoring and initiation of irrigation is based on soil water tension by wireless digital tensiometers re-designed by the company.

How it will works?

Benefits Of Irrigation Systems

When you water by hand, more than 50% of the water is wasted through runoff or evaporation. Automatic irrigation settings, by comparison, offer multiple benefits to reduce your water supply usage, therefore conserving resources while reducing your costs.

Saves you water and time

The automatic shut off will keep your water usage to a minimum, and lower your costs since less water will be used.

Reduces weed growth

The system specifically designed for your landscape, only areas that truly need water will receive it, thus limiting your potential weed growth.

Improves plant growth

Plants will grow faster and greener when watered with smaller amounts of water over a longer period, which is exactly what irrigation systems are designed to do.

Preserves soil nutrients

Water runoff seeps into the soil and carries precious nutrients away from your plants. Using an irrigation system will preserve your soil structure and keep your plants absorbing nutrients, not the runoff water.