AutoFlush Screen Filter

VH Series AutoFlush Automatic Screen Filter-Hydraulic Controlled

Auto Screen Filter

Product Description

AutoFlush® Automatic Screen Filter is the ideal solution for agricultural and municipal filtration due to its large filtration area, reliable operation mechanism and simple structure. AutoFlush® Automatic Screen Filter works on differential pressure and cleans itself automatically without any external intervention.

AutoFlush® Automatic Screen Filter has electronically activated models besides hydraulically controlled models. Due to suction nozzles, cleaning is achieved with little water consumption. Besides the standart 130 micron filter size, different screen sizes are available for different dirt levels.


Code Diameter Filtration Area Capacity
inch mm cm2 m3/h
VH-025 2″ Ø50 750 25
VH-035 3″ Ø80 750 35
VH-050 3″ Ø80 1500 50
VH-070 4″ Ø100 1500 70
VH-100 4″ Ø100 2250 100
Threaded, Flanged, Grooved End
100 micron (150 mesh), 130 micron (120 mesh)