Solenoid Valve

300 MSVZ 3 inch

MSVZ Series valves are loaded with features and these heavy-duty PVC valves are economical, easy to install and built to withstand constant 150 psi (10.35 bar) pressure and 2 to 31 50 gpm ( 0.45 to 34.05 m3/h; 7.8 to 568 l/m ) flows.

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  • The electric remote control valve shall be a normally closed 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles/sec) solenoid actuated globe/angle pattern design. The valve pressure rating shall not be less than 150 psi (10.35 bar). The valve shall have the following characteristics:

  • brightness_1The valve body and bonnet shall be constructed of high-impact, water-resistant PVC for the body and glass-filled nylon for the bonnet with stainless steel screws.

  • brightness_1The valve shall have manual open/close control (internal bleed) for manual opening and closing of valve without electrically energizing the solenoid. The valve’s internal bleed shall prevent flooding of the valve box.

  • brightness_1The valve shall house a fully-encapsulated, one-piece solenoid. The solenoid shall have a captured plunger with a removable retainer for easy servicing, and a leverage handle for easy turning.

  • brightness_1 24 VAC 50/60 Hz solenoid shall open with 19.6 VAC minimum at 150 psi (10.35 bar). At 24 VAC, average inrush current shall not exceed 0.41 amps. Average holding current shall not exceed 0.28 amps.

  • brightness_1The valve construction shall provide for all internal parts to be removable from the top of the valve without disturbing the valve installation.


  • brightness_1Globe and angle configuration for flexibility in design and installation.

  • brightness_1PVC and glass reinforced nylon construction.

  • brightness_1Filtered pilot flow to resist debris and clogging of solenoid parts.

  • brightness_1Slow closing to prevent water hammer and subsequent system damage.

  • brightness_1Manual internal bleed operates the valve without allowing water into the valve box.

  • brightness_1One-piece solenoid design with captured plunger and spring for easy servicing Prevents loss of parts during field service.

  • brightness_1Non-rising flow control handle adjusts water flows as needed.

  • brightness_1Normally closed, forward flow design.

Operating Range

  • brightness_1Pressure: 15 to 150 psi (1.04 to 10.35 bar).

  • brightness_1Flow: 2 –150 gpm (0.45 to 34.05 m3/h; 7.8 to 568 l/m).

  • brightness_1Flow with PRS-D: 5 –150 gpm (1.14 to 34.05 3 m3/h; 19.2 to 568 l/m).

  • brightness_1Water Temperature: up to 110° F (43° C).

  • brightness_1Ambient Temperature: up to 125° F (52° C).

Electrical Specifications

  • brightness_1Power: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz (cycles/sec) solenoid.

  • brightness_1Inrush current: 0.41 A (9.84 VA) at 60 Hz.

  • brightness_1Holding current : 0.14A (3.43 VA) at 60 Hz.

  • brightness_1Coil resistance: 30-39 Ohms.

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