Cell phone Motor Starter (GSM Powered)

Model- MCON

MCON Wireless Motor Controller is suitable for all range of electrical motor's and pumpset's.It protects pumpset from dry run.MCON have inbuilt battery and charges automatically.

Stunning Features

Hi-bright electrical parameters

Hi durability PC-ABS-FR enclosure

High gain antenna for good reception

RS-485 for Optional integrations

Elegant on / off switch

Plug n play connector

Battery backup

Multi device support

Control and Monitor

Missed call



Smart phone


Auto Mode

Cyclic timer

Missed call run timer

ONT(One time timer)

ORT(On and run timer)

Schedule timer

Optional Integrations

Flow meter

Pressure sensor

Temperature sensor

Moisture sensor

Rain sensor


Dry run

Over load

Phase fail

Phase imbalance

Low voltage

App Screenshots

Web Screenshots

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Model MCON MS 1
Application iOS
Web Page
GPRS Based
SMS Based
Timer Auto Mode
On and run timer(ORT)
One time timer(ONT)
Cyclic timer
Motor Run timer
Real time based Cyclic timer
Auto Mode
On and run timer(ORT)
One time timer(ONT)
Pressure and Flow Meter Support Yes No
Pump Room Light Yes Yes
Smart Dry Run Yes No
Water Level Controller Yes(Optional) Yes(Optional)
Multi-Motor Yes No
Enclosure Poly carbonate with Fire retardant Metal Box
Wiring Kit Yes Yes
High Voltage Protection Yes No
Fuse Kit Yes No
CT Coil Three Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 200V - 440V AC 180V-280V (1 phase) & 350v-450v (3 phase)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz 50Hz / 60Hz
SIM Micro Micro
Network Support All GSM carriers(2G only) & EDGE All GSM carriers(2G only) & EDGE
Battery Li-on 3.7v & 2100mAh Li-on 3.7v & 700mAh
Weight 0.65kg 1.165kg
Dimension 17cm X 14cm X 8.8cm 16cm X 6cm X 17.2cm

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