Iot based automation

Iot based automation has become a part of the smart agriculture system which helps reduce water wastage, enhances optimal water supply and effective usage of fertilizer which all contribute for the increase in yield, which in turn increases revenue.

The traditional methods of irrigation has a lot of deficits like unable to identify soil moisture, field temperature and climate. As a result, the farmers might have to wait longer to tune their irrigation methods, which could prove unfruitful.

On the contrary Iot based automation can be implemented using the sensors for soil moisture, temperature, humidity and light, which detects the moisture content and climatic conditions that helps identify and optimize the irrigation process in real-time. The data from the sensors are uploaded to a database, which monitors the threshold levels. If the levels go beyond or fall below the optimum conditions, the irrigation is automated. Notifications with sensor information can be sent periodically to the farmer’s mobile phone. The farmer has full control over the automation process. Depending on the crop and regional climatic conditions, the farmer can set the desired optimum levels.