Fertigation Automation (GSM Powered)


Fertigation Automation FERTI-TECH is a device helps to feed proper ratio of water soluble fertilizers and water to all types of crops.Volume and time based.Four channel dosing helps to feed NPK and micro nutrient.


Minimum of 1 injector and maximum of 5 injectors

Capable to deliver 200 lph to 1000 lph

Acrylic flow indicators for individual venturi injectors

Independent flow control knob for injectors

Aluminium heavy duty frame and fixture with auto leveling on the ground

Solution to sense the pH value and corrects automatically

Dry run protection and phase failure protection for the booster pump


Input Voltage 180v-280v(1 Phase)& 350v-450v(3 Phase)
Network Support Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900-All mobile operations
Connectors Plug-n-Play connectors
Wiring kit Inbuilt
Enclosure IP65
Antenna High gain External Antenna(3m)
Sector's approximate flow 5-25 m^3/hr
Operating Pressure 0.7 to 4.0 bar
Dimension 65cm X 75cm X 90cm
No. of Injection lines 4
Flow meter 0-400 LPH
Electrical Valve 24V AC
PVC collector Ø40
Max line injection flow 400 LPH to 700 LPH
Auxillary pump (50 HZ)2.0 kw 230/430V-1.5 hp
Auxillary pump start Yes

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